Stack blitz doesn’t load


Hi all,

Are you also having trouble with I have added third-party cookies from too the cookie white-list.

And I’ve even gone so far as to turn of the shield. But it loads in Firefox even tracking protection running in strict mode together with ublock origin.


I do see this issue in the release build - not entirely sure what the issue is. However, I can confirm that both the Beta and Developer build of Brave work fine with This mean that it’s likely you’ll see this issue fixed in an upcoming release/update.


Awesome… thanks. I will be looking forward to the next release.

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Appreciate your patience.
Additionally, you can download the Dev or Beta build of Brave and install/run it in parallel with the current build you have installed (meaning they will run independent of one another and not overwrite any data). So if you’d like to try stackblitz on one of these you’re welcome to. I’ve included download links below.

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