St∪pid Brave Bug (But there's no way to file a bug report so I'll drop this here)

I’m running Brave on Mac OS, which is not a particularly reliably operating system (nothing outside of Linux seems to be).

Just now, Mac OS decided to log me out, killing all my processes. Upon logging in, it restarted Brave.

Brave gives me an option to restore my session. This seems to mean simply re-opening the URLs that were open in all my tabs. Whatever state was held in those tabs before the crash is lost.

But here’s where it gets really st∪pid: A lot of my tabs were YouTube videos, and YouTube starts playing videos when their URLs are loaded. Therefore, because Brave is re-opening all the URLs of my tabs from scratch, all the videos start playing, all at once.

This isn’t a problem that occurs on Chrome. That browser prevents YouTube tabs from starting their videos until the tab comes to the foreground. Not Brave, though. Brave sucks.

No, there is no “troubleshooting” to be done here, even though the supposed reason for not having bug reports is that non-developer builds have no bugs and therefore everything is a support issue. But this is a bug, not a support issue. There is nothing I can do to stop this behavior except switch back to Chrome.

So please somebody with access file a bug report with the text of this message so the developers see it and maybe fix the problem in a future release. I will not be returning to the forum to read any replies.

Ever think to take a look at your settings?


I mean, there’s also Memory Saver which helps:


Bugs typically get reported here, that way troubleshooting can be done and people can see if it’s able to be replicated.

99% of “bugs” reported aren’t bugs. It’s just people too lazy to look through their settings, they have some extension or program on their computer causing problems, or they haven’t been keeping their drivers up to date.

Also, there is a Github to report bugs. But again, that’s only if it’s an actual bug.

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