SS37: scrollable bookmarks bar

Suggestion (SS): 37 Classification : bookmarks bar
PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 5 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)

I already told you different suggestions about bookmarks bar for example here but even in other post too.

I already told you about favicon extension bar in safari too.

Now what i want is that the bar is able to do what favicons can. If i add 400 links, and each section contains a workflow (for example link 1-50 workflow 1, 50-75 to 2, etc…) i want to scroll such bookmarks, so that i can see workflows link directly. instead of seeing a-g in the bar and h-z hidden, you need to hide a-g (left), show me h-o and hide p-z (inside >> to the right).

i still wish i can add custom color to folders in the bar; replace javascript icons with a text (example P for pocket) or an icon (pocket), etc. see more here

PS: pin javascript links! they are already on the left. so if i visit workflow 2, i want to see my 4-8 javascript on the left, not that you hide it. so we need a feature “pin urls” too, but i already told you about that in other post too (especially pin to the right).

your bookmarks bar should work a bit like my touchbar. i have pinned things on the left and right, and i scroll things in the middle.