SS27: smart switch setting and smart + button (for open new tab)

Suggestion (SS) : 27 Classification : TAB - SETTING
PRIORITY IN MY OPINION: 7 on a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high)

You need to improve your switching setting (with brave://…)

this mean if i click cmd, alt or ctrl you do specific things:


  1. open in incognito with ctrl and +
  2. open home page with alt
  3. show a list of top pages if i click cmd + (example pubmed, google images and then i can choose which of these three. this is like having 4 different home webpages.

or you can even add the way “if i click alt you open a new tab with the brave profile xxx” (even if i’m using yyy now). Or the same, but you show us the list of accounts (like i wrote in 3), so we can choose and we don’t configure “open new tab in brave account xx with alt and +”


another option is to open a tab to the left if we click shift and +

other example for smart +:

  • open in new group
  • open next to the current tab (but is better to integrate a whole option for this)
  • open in new window
  • duplicate all tabs from the current group you use to another group
  • open a group of tabs at the same time (same like 3. but by using specific groups that we can configure). maybe without need to add a specific setting where we define the links, but just an option in bookmarks. so an option “add this folder in new tab smart group”. then we can add 5-10 folders.
  • reopen last closed tab