"sqlite error 2067" Linux 0.16.9



I was running 0.15.something on Linux Mint 17.3, today manually downloaded 0.16.9 deb package and installed overtop. I cannot open Brave, receiving the below error, so completely removed brave using “sudo apt-get remove brave”, reinstalled, same problem.

Error reads:

[4379:4398:0630/131820.034438:ERROR:connection.cc(1954)] Passwords sqlite error 2067, errno 0: UNIQUE constraint failed: logins.origin_url, logins.username_element, logins.username_value, logins.password_element, logins.signon_realm, sql: INSERT INTO logins (origin_url, action_url, username_element, username_value, password_element, password_value, submit_element, signon_realm, preferred, date_created, blacklisted_by_user, scheme, password_type, times_used, form_data, date_synced, display_name, icon_url, federation_url, skip_zero_click, generation_upload_status, possible_username_pairs) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)
Failed to get crash dump id.
Report Id: OK
Segmentation fault

Note that the first line is repeated many times with slightly different numbers at the start, I have copied only one instance of it to make this easier to read as I suspect all repetitions will add little value.

I have been unable to get the apt repository to work (that’s another story), hence my use of manually downloaded .deb files.

Any suggestions as to what the error could be here? Is there any other information I should post?



hi, thanks for the report. I’ll forward the issue to the dev team. Best,


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