Spotify web player not working



I noticed that the Spotify web player is not working because of the ad blocking filters. I played a bit and found that the “” filter is causing the issue. If you remove it, the player will work.


Hello, can you please teach me how to do that exactly?
I’m having some issues with spotify. It only works when all shields are disabled.


there is no way you can do it in Brave. I just copied all the filters from the shield tab and placed them in UBlock in Chrome as custom filters and found whats causing the problem. That’s why I’m asking the devs to fix it. Or maybe I’m asking at the wrong place :smiley:


Eh. Is Brave only for nerds? Surely this must be fixable without coding?


Considering that Brave has not even hit a Version 1.0 release, and they state on the download page that it is a Dev build, I think it’s fair to assume some growing pains when using it at this point. The focus right now seems to be making the core, especially the ad stuff work solidly. If that doesn’t work right, what’s the point? Then the extras can be touched up.


You can try 2 way to help you remove the ads when listening to Spotify.
First, go to the Spotify website to subscribe to the Premium membership.
Seconds, you can use some tool like TuneFab Spotify Music Converter to help you with this annoying problem: removing the ads without premium membership.

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