Spotify keeps crashing in Brave

Just going by the thread in reddit, was reported in Chrome also by few users too. I’m still trying to work out the issue, maybe a regression in Chromium source

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Checking Spotify, The memory does increase (and decrease on playback). It changes while playing backing a song. While it plays it’s around 203-209Mb, when it changes track it’ll go back to 190-195Mb, then it’ll slowly increase back to the 203-209Mb, depending on how long the song is.

Test to see if it actually OOM’s with no extensions, I’m testing a clean Brave Beta profile.

Try testing this in brave://adblock (custom rules). Just some tracking scripts being used on the site. Save and then reload

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Not Crashing on Win 8.1 and the Ad blocking Blocks the ad But Prevents the Next Song from being Loaded Until the Page is Reloaded.

Tested on Win 11 Supernova VM and Everything Seems Fine…

Shields is Losing its Power on Older Windows versions But that’s Expected and on the Positive side, It’s Safe to Say, the Perfection is Not Fully Lost(Shields Works fine on all Websites, Now including YouTube, Surprised to see Spotify Managed to Bypass Shields and Break it on older Windows Versions).

Okay, I’ll see if we can get a manual fix for win7/8. Will need to do some checks, will update thread

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Will Share a Comparison video of Win 8.1 vs Win 11 in Loom to help you Exactly understand what is the current issue…

Try adding in brave://adblock try each line , see which one helps (win7/8 only here)


Trying to fix the win7/8 bug specifically ^ not to be used on win10/11/Mac

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I am having the same problem with brave on Win 11. While looking around to see if others had the same problem I stumbled here.

See: Spotify keeps crashing in Brave - #42 by fanboynz

This is related to memory usage btw, no other issues i’m aware of

I have ran a base test (without any plugins and custom adblock features)
It took about 20 minutes to spike up to 11GB of usage where it ran into OOM.
I have now added the adblock rules you provided and will see where this leads.
Will report back once I have either encountered another OOM or feel safe to say that the problem is fixed.

Assuming no extensions to test here.

Yes I have disabled all extension for the time being to minimize error sources

I also just ran into a OOM again.
Just when switching to the browser tab spotify is located in.
With about 10GB of used memory.

Try downloading Brave Beta, and re-test in there?

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Have done so now. Will keep you updated on how it goes.

I have added those Lines on Brave Filters But the issue is Still Present on Windows 8.1

I have Recorded 3 Videos to Help You Gain Clarity on What Kind of Problem is Going on in Windows 8.1

Win 8.1 Playback issue

Windows 11 Supernova VM with Win 8.1 as Host OS(Everything is Working Fine, No Memory issues or Crash)

Another Test Showing Scripts, Maybe Crash is happening due to Efficiency mode or State Repository Service, The script will Make sure any service or process attempts to activate itself on its own will be Exiting it and Brave Browser Receives Realtime Priority…

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Does shields affect it all?

It just ran OOM in BraveBeta

Another Reason why it may not be crashing for me because i have blocked Several Elements on Spotify…

As you can see, the Shields is working fine and have tested it fully even for Extended session use case so it’s not a Brave Browser issue, but something might be Stock Windows 11, Efficiency mode, Also now it seems like Brave/chromium has added Memory Saver mode which i have turned off aswell, Maybe others should turn it off aswell.

Shields on Win 8.1 needs some Love, we dont need any chromium updates, just want ALL OF Shields of whatever is possible… For Example, Currently my version is v1.47.186 with chromium 109

Brave can Release a Major update for Shields with the Exact Same chromium 109 with nothing else added Extra, it can be Named v1.47.187

I know i am still Getting component updates BUT adding a Major Shields Maintenance update whenever its needed will keep the Shields continue to Live Longer and Stronger.

Guys, I think I “fixed” it.
Ever heard of Microsoft Powertoys ?
There’s a tool you can use (Ctrl + Win + T) that allows you to pin a window so no matter what you do, it will still appear on your screen above everything else.
Use it on your spotify window and it should be alright.
I launched Spotify on Brave a few hours ago now, no crash. (5.45pm, now 8.16pm, I think it’s a good test).