Spotify doesn't support Brave web browser



The Spotify website doesn’t support Brave. I was wondering if you guys can resolve this issue, because I’m not sure why Spotify wouldn’t support this web browser.


Hi @GeneralFur4131,

Did you enable Widevine via Preferences > Plugins? Spotify need that enabled.
Let me know if that not working.



spotify browser player crushes Brave after attempt to pin it


Try enable Widevine via Preferences > Plugins on Spotify web player.


It’s important to remember that that Brave blocks 3rd party ads and, general, lets 1st party ads through (as well as Brave ads, more on this below). The reason for this is because 3rd party ads entail privacy violations, while 1st party ads (again, generally) stand in a more “consensual relationship” with the user, and are usually safe. But since you mentioned it, would you mind sharing a screenshot of a web page that has ads that “feel worse than Chrome/Opera[…]”? I’d like to make sure that you’re not seeing things you shouldn’t be seeing.

That being said, as far as Brave-ads go, we are still in the trial phases of this feature. The option you’re seeing is simply a placeholder for now (I’m not sure if the placeholder is necessary or not, if you’re interested I can ask around and see why its visible as a placeholder currently). So if you have this option selected, you won’t be seeing any new behavior and may also be part of the reason you’re seeing so many ads on screen. Change your ad controls in your shields panel to “Block 3rd party ads” and see if that cleans things up a bit.