Sponsored Images in Brave

I saw on Brave’s official website that users will be rewarded for viewing sponsored Images. As of now I haven’t received any revenue from that. Is there any special procedure or If I’m doing it wrong, help me with it. Thank you

Well it will be added at the payout date.

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Is there a separate section for reward from sponsored image. All other rewards are shown in the Brave reward tab

Those are just “estimated rewards”. Your income from viewing sponsored images will be calculated at payday and therefore cannot be shown in your estimated rewards.

Also mentioned in the blog post @me.alen https://brave.com/sponsored-images-now-available-on-all-brave-platforms/

Users who opt into Brave Rewards will see earnings from Sponsored Images included in their ad statements at the end of each month. Earnings from Sponsored Images are not included in Brave Rewards daily estimated ad earnings yet.

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