Sponsored background images in new tab is not getting paid

In the image, it is a new tab with a sponsored background image. After viewing this, my earning should have an additional 0.010 BAT. but it is not adding since 2days ago. Before, I am always getting +0.010 BAT whenever I view this sponsored background images, but now I am not getting any. I don’t know what is the problem before I didn’t touch my settings and it is working before. Please let me know how to troubleshoot it or any fixes you know. Thank you

Hello @jinn

check this https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/ to know which ads is targeting your region

if you get sponosor image that not in your country catalog then it would not count

and in the future they going to make it only show image from your catalog

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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thanks. I have 10 catalogs on that page and all of them’s Geo Targets is PH which is my country, so I wonder what’s the problem.

AFAIK sponsored background images dont work like regular ads and are only counted at the end of each month.

no, I think. because before I encountered this problem, every sponsored background images I viewed immediately counted in my earnings (+0.01 BAT). that’s why it feels weird and unusual now to see it not counted immediately when I viewed them. And I don’t see them also in my history like I used to before.

Yeah, earlier I too observed this but nowadays I am also not able to see the earnings from sponsored images.

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Hello @jinn

for the one that tagged with type new tab page there many type for that look only for those with sponosor image

that what will be counted

there other type but i do not know about them and when they triger

for example the first one in your screen shot that say gala games is not spnosor image so not sure when they display maybe related to today news or something else

and as i said earlier in the future you would not see the ads if it was not from your catalog
so those spoonosr image that not from your catalog would not show up but i do not know when they will implement that

that was right long time ago but about more than 4 or more months ago it count the one that targeting your country immediately

Update: Everything’s back to normal on my end. I receive rewards immediately again whenever I view sponsored background images on my new tab page and they are now appearing on my ads history. Solved. How about you guys?


Nevermind. It’s on it again. I’m not getting rewards again.

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send screen shot of the ads you see and thinnk it should count and also screen shot from your catalog https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/ that show that this ads from your catalog

Hello, converge ba isp mo?

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