Sponserd backgrounds not added

Hi using brave browser on mac and windows but on both systems sponsort background images are not added to my BAT balance, ads are shown and are added to my balance

  1. Updated to latest version
  2. Wait for sponsort background click add
  3. There are no BAT added

Expected result:
Bat should be added to my balance

Brave Version:
v 1.14.81

Hello @marco4all

sponosor image does not add to your estimated bats
cause it’s value determined at the end of month by divide it’s value / number of user (user here mean the one from the countries who the advertiser their compain to be servers for )who saw it

how to know how much you get from sponosr image at the payment day check the estimated bat then claim your bat when it ready then do the following math

sponsor image bats = estimated bat before claim - claimed bat - estimated bats after claiming

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

oke, so there might be some extra’s at the end of the month if i understand correctly :slight_smile:


exactly and you welcome :slight_smile:

Is there any BATs awarded for sponser images ?

yep look up :point_up_2:

After looking only I asked you for confirmation :joy:,
It’s said that we are getting paid only for ads, keeping apart referrals & tips.
Couldn’t understand your equation too…:pensive:

the equation are for calculate how much we get for sponsor image per month just a notice the highest i get was 0.25 bat so do not expect it to be high

maybe that why they did not give it high focus as it give so little

let me explain it one more time

for me i do not have uphlod so

before i claim my bats i go look at the estimated bat then save it this will be "estimated bat before claim " then claim my bats

then i check the estimated bat after i claim

then do the math
sponsor image bats = estimated bat before claim - claimed bat - estimated bats after claiming

if you upholder then

at the last day of the month and before you sleep save the estimated bat
then when you get paid check if you get paid more that the estimated then that extra come from the sponsor image

hope that help and have a nice day

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Now got you, but for me (I have uphold verified), the BATs that I get are always less then estimated BATs, so not possible do any sought of calculation.
Still I’ll keep a close eye this month ending.
But since I use browser on android, it needs 25 BATs just to verify wallet, as a result nothing in uphold right now. :broken_heart:

Hope you are correct & this time I get something extra for sponsor images, cheers. :clinking_glasses:

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