Sponser image rewards does not count in android mobile(vivo and realme)

i have passed safetynet test.
many post i have seen with no solution, please at least reply to this one.
mobile isn’t connected to vpn but still rewards doesn’t count.
im facing this issue from past 3 months.

@Suhbz What is your Device Region and Device Language in Android settings?

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region: india
language : English(united states)
but there is no option for english(india)
how i am supposed to use english with region india???

@Suhbz You can try changing your Device Language to English (UK) it will work sometimes (when same NTP capaign are there in India & UK. Hindi should work all the time.

Do post an update if this works for you.

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i tried uk last night and bybit showed
thanks @Aman_M it worked
but it will work only if campaigns are present in both regions at same time otherwise won’t
do u have any other idea for it?

You can try with Hindi. I don’t know any other way. It’s also a work in progress-

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hey i just found perfect solution
but you need pc for that(no root)
you have to run adb command to add English(India) language to system
if you want solution just reply yes to this

Sure. I would like to know. Does phone passes Safety Net test after this?

yes, my device passed safety net test before and after.

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