Split browser's audio in different output

I made a Spotify app with the “install app” option of brave. As I’m using voicemeeter to split my different audio sources, I’d like to know if it’s possible to listen this app on an other audio output than the rest of Brave Browser. So that Spotify always send the sound in “audio output 1” and any other website send it in “audio output 2”. I hope it’s understandable.

@Larniel This wouldn’t be a Brave topic. This would be through Voicemeeter themselves. And just so you know, the answer is no. You can set it up for two different browsers. So if you wanted to run Brave and Brave Nightly, for example. But you can’t differentiate between two different websites/windows of the same browser.

Btw, you may also want to check out Ear Trumpet as it can be helpful in controlling volume of specific programs/apps. https://eartrumpet.app/

A while back, there was an extension called AudioPick that people used, but reviews I’ve seen have said it broke and stopped working since like 2020. I mean, I listed it in case you want to check in on it, as you still can find people saying they use it. I’ve never tested, so wouldn’t be able to tell you anything.

Not really aware of much else. But then again, I stopped streaming games quite a while ago. As a result, haven’t really been following up on tools available.

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