Split browser screen feature


Well, this browser seems to be a great browser but, its missing a most important feature and that is, split browser screen. Lately, every one uses large monitors and most people surf/work by opening two sites at a time and seeing both websites side by side helps a lot better than switching thru tabs. Maxthon has this feature (only good thing in maxthon) but, their browser is piece of crap and does not support html5, css3 in most websites. Plus, maxthon has some security loop holes as well. So, it would be nice to see split screen feature same as maxthon has in this browser.


Old Opera had it (a bit differently), too. (I don’t know whether the new one has it.) I haven’t used it very often, but sometimes it’s extremely useful.

@Jas28 But there’s a “workaround”, maybe it’s already good enough: Click “Detach” (context menu on the tab bar) on one tab and it will get moved to another, new Brave window. Resize the original and the new Brave window to fit side-by-side and you’re there. Still a bit inconvenient in comparison to a click on an option like “Split screen”…


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