Spinning wheel of Mac doom


Hi - def here to support Brave. On a Mac at the mo and it’s painful slow which is odd as i worked ok for about a day and now it’s thinking about everything… like really thinking… a lot… like too much… still thinking… like me on a bad paranoid day.

Any ideas (for Brave, not me)


There is an issue for it here:

Could you please provide info as stated in the guidelines? :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jaclaz.

Brave version: 0.15.314
OS: Sierra Version 10.12.5
Shield settings: UP. Blocking ads, blocking 3rd party cookies. HTTPS everywhere & Block Phishing

I’ve just followed the instructions from earlier in the thread & it’s gone back to normal speed so thanks for that.

Will try for a while before I import bookmarks etc and see how it goes.

Thanks again.


Thanks, I added your info to the issue :smiley:

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