Spend in percentage

I like the idea of the Brave Browser very much and wish you all the success to change the data world.

To support you, I would like to let you know my problem:

I have no idea, how much rewards I will “earn” with using the Brave Browser. Therefore I’m not able to spend my rewards based on a fix monthly BAT amount.

I would be very happy, if you would provide the possibility to spend percentages of my rewards. For example:

50% for Brave
40% for Wikipedia
10% for me

10% for a new content creator would be 110% together, that are set on 100% again. The new distribution would be:

45% for Brave
40% for Wikipedia
9% for me
9% for the new content creator.

The user would have to check and rework their distribution list if a recipient got less than 1%.

May my suggestions be helpful for your great project.

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