Spellchecker install difficulty


hello, thank you for Brave browser.
I want to install a spellchecker.
I try grammerly but the download button is in a popup which are blocked.
advice please to install a spellchecker


Hi @zemlik,

Brave also have a spellchecker (by right-clicking word).

And Grammarly is requested and listed here:

Thank you,


Ah cool, thanks, never noticed that


Ah OK, misspelt words are highlighted in webmail but not in disqus.
Any idea why ?


Hi, :slight_smile:

What webmail? Also what OS are you on? And Brave version (you can copy paste the info from about:brave to this thread)?

cc @LaurenWags


Hi @zemlik

I was able to reproduce this, so I logged an issue which can be tracked at the link below.



Roundcube (debian), Win 7 (client).
Brave 0.17.16


seems to be fixed now.

closed #9

opened #10


Hi @zemlik

Can you confirm you’re seeing this working on 0.18.14? Thanks!



yes, it is fine on Brave 0.18.14


Thanks for confirming @zemlik!

closed #14