Spell Check, Where Is It?



Is Brave’s spellcheck an addon or extension. If it is where is it found. Or is there a setting for it and if so where?


Hi, I’m new to brave and I’m having the same problem.


I wish to know also.


Hi @snikert @justlooking @tcable,

Thanks for reporting. Brave already have built-in spell checker. It can be done by right-clicking misspelled words. But in the latest update, there’s an issue with the spell cheker which causes the spell check not working. The fix is coming in next release IIRC.

Thank you for your patience and hope that can help answer your question. If not, please let me know.


Hi again @snikert @justlooking @tcable,

Just a quick update. Todays release is come with fix for spell check issue. Please update your Brave to latest version, 0.18.36, and see if the issue still persist.

Please feel free to ask if you have another question about spell check. Happy to answer.
Thank you,


How do I add a word to the dictionary? It does not seem to recognize more complex or technical words and I want to add some (like my company’s name).


Hi @sirwalkowski,

I think you can right-click that word and choose Learn Spelling. But it’ll only work if the word have red underline on it.

Hope that can help,

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