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Is there a way to add a new language for spell checking ? Or disable spelling check?



Hi, there’s an open issue related to multi language spell-check:

And for disable option:

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How can I change the the spellcheck language?



Spell check should have an option to be disabled.
Change the the spellcheck language.

Two questions:

The engine uses Google’s servers for spell checking?

There is an option for these issues in the next releases?


an other issue is that it looks like any other language than english does not exist for the spell checker and it becomes very annoying when you see your text underlined by a red wavy line except for a few words that exists both in english and in french . At least if we could disable it …


Hi @mazda,

Yes, currently spell checker is only availabe for English. ICYMI, it’s open issue for language for spell check:

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Hi @Kimmers @Brenton ,

I’m sorry for late reply.

Previously, Brave use electron spell checker, and if I’m not wrong, since 0.18.14 (latest release) it’s use chromium spell checker for better performance.

At this time you can not change the language for spell checker. See first link that I shared earlier.

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English English rather than American English would be handy

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