Speedtest giving very slow upload results when tested with a 1gig line

Description of the issue:
Speedtest giving very slow upload results when tested with a 1gig line

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Run speedtest.net on a 1gig symmetrical WAN connection

Expected result:
Result should be close to 1gig down and up, Brave is doing 1gig down and 300-500mbps up

Brave Version( check About Brave):

I’m on a non-Symmetrical 1Gig Fibre connection (950/500) But I’ll only get around 880-910 Down, and 450-470 Up). It’ll depend on which server you pick and often running the same test from the closest server would show different results.

When testing, ensure you pick the same server location (and its the closest to you, ideally your ISP hosted if its not causing issues). Re-test in both browsers, same server locations.

Speeds also may vary a lot more due to Corona/people working from home.

Trust me, Brave is the issue. I should add this is the connection at our office, I’m the IT Manager there. Our internet speeds are guaranteed 1gig regardless of other people, we are hooked directly into one of our ISPs edge routers(we pay a lot to be), no modem or anything like that.
I spent a few days troubleshooting this thinking it was our firewall and it led me to Brave. Same server on Brave and Chrome, empty office so no one else using the connection and I’ve tested at least 10 times. Chrome gives perfect results.
Before anyone says firewall I put myself on an unrestricted firewall profile and even tested with a direct internet connection with no firewall.

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