Speed Dials, Desktop and Android

I have no problem with setting up Speed Dial on Brave Winows Desktop. Go to settings , extensions Open web store, search Group Speed Dial and install it. Go to Group Speed Ial settings General and copy home page link and paste in Brave new tab page. Then back to settings, get started and set for new tab page start up. But can not find an Android Speed Dial for Brave. Any one get this figured out.

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Have you used opera in the past?

Yes I use opera on all my android devices, but it is not so good on Windows

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I think its the best out there for windows.flow,side bar,screenshot etc are there.I even asked them to add the background video playback option on phone to which they replied that they will pass on the suggestions to their developers.which is a nice thing.Opera is very refined.
Examples Of OPERA Refinement >>>

The main windows problem I have with it is they do not let me define the url for a new tab. They do allow me to specify the URL for a new window (Homepage). For a new window I specify the Group Speed Dial.


I want to specify that for the new tabs. The best I can do is with the extension B04A488347D94EAEB7BCD0FCEA61E20A.pngHomepage in New Tab

I use most browsers. And all except Opera let me do this. Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Brave all work ok. So while I use Opera on the Android devices. I do not on the windows devices. I also have a problem Opera on both OS’s with their VPN not working well. Web sites still can determine it is you.

Gerald Powell


you should raise the issue in opera forum.it will be fruitful

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