Speed dial and bookmark import from another third party browser


Can you add speed dial? And import bookmark support for Opera browser or any other browser? Also sync, so I can sync my histories and others through other of my devices. Lastly, add this also on other platform, especially Android. Thanks!


Hi @Snich101

For workaround, you can install extension that have this functionality. Many of them is available on Chrome Web Store.

An issue logged for new tab page customisation.

Brave do support browser data import from other browsers. But if it’s ot in the list, you can try exporr your bookmarks from other browser as HTML then import it to Brave.

Will look for existing issue for Opera’s bookmark import.

Sync is coming. It’s already on developer channel for desktop.



Thanks for your reply. I think I’ll just download an extension. Waiting for that sync feature.


Synchronized speed dial would be a great feature

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