Specifying the website of a New Tab

When I open Brave I have the option of using my own start/home page, or a series of home pages. When I open a new tab during a browsing session, it automatically goes to the Brave home page and I can’r find a way to have it open Duckduckgo.com instead. Am I missing something or is that not an option? If not, could it be?

From Release Channel 1.18.70

Added setting for “New tab page shows” under brave://settings/newTab. (#2999 )

Note that to set the Homepage, go to Settings --> Appearance and toggle the Show home button option “on”. Then, enter the custom address you’d like your homepage to go to – in this case, duckduckgo.com. Now, unless you want the home button displayed on your browser, you can toggle the Show home button to “off”, scroll down to New Tab Page shows and then select Homepage.

Now, any time you open a new tab, it will open with DDG.

Thanks for the response. That setting allows me to choose one of three things: Dashboard, Home Page, Blank Page. What I want to do is assign a specific website (Duckduckg.com) to any new page. Can you make that happen? How about a product improvement?


PERFECT! I wouldn’t have thought to go through that series of clicks, but it worked exactly as I wanted. Many thanks!

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We’ll be streamlining and adding features for these types of customization in the future. Glad this works for your for now :slight_smile: