Speaker icon moved in tab, annoying

Previously, the speaker icon was located in the right side of the tab. Loved it, never had any issues.

Now they moved it to the left which takes extra effort and it’s confusing with the other icons nearby!

Please move it back to default or allow users to just drag it left or right

Feature request on Github, feel free to voice your opinion over there too.

I personally like the speaker icon in the left side of the tab. It’s the best to be honest.
Idk how it’s taking efforts for you because it’s now much easier to do than before because when it was in the right side it was also with a cross icon very close to each other and now it’s not close so it’s very easy since they have space now.

but yeah if you want toggle option then ok.

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It’s a matter of preference, honestly. I believe it would be the best if developers provide an option to users so users can choose where the icon should be displayed :+1: