Spame messages with brave logo?

Brave android. Recently I have begun spam messages in the pull down menu one would use to see what emails have arrived, notifications etc.
I think its a problem with brave because the lion head logo is present in all of this spam.
Anyone else have this problem?
I would just uninstall and reinstall but I dont want to loose bookmarks and history.

Those are not spam messages. Those are ads which are delivered to you because the rewards program is activated in your browser. If you want to opt out of Brave Rewards program you can do that by tapping the triangle icon and by turning that off.
You will not receive any spam notifications.

Actually the rewards option isnt activated so it has to be something else.
Somehow I doubt ads for erectile disfuction or hot asian ladies would be on the brave approved list.
Could it be a virus affecting Brave.

I highly doubt that. Maybe you involuntarily gave couple of website permission to send you notifications.
To check this go to Settings - Site Settings - Notifications and check out the allowed lists. If you are getting a list of websites then select those sites and tap the delete icon. This should fix the problem.

I deactivated all notifications except Brave.
Received 2 more.
They come from the same source
If I open it, it opens directly in Brave.

Did you go to your Brave browser’s settings and followed the steps which I instructed?

I went to the tablets settings.
I disabled notifications for Brave.

In the browsers settings
Sites can ask permission to send notifications is active.

Use quieter notifications is active

Ok, I found the notifications section on the browser, problem solved.
Thank you all, very, very much.

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