Spain - Andalucia

Hello everyone, I think it’s a fantastic idea and I’m looking to do community in Spain and be able to group more people
Someone more passionate about this technology in Spain?


@PedroJ1 it may be a bit of a drive, but I wanted to point you toward ^ :slight_smile:

thanks, I will talk with him and try to create community in Spain, Meetups or hangouts to meet and share knowledge are welcome

Hi @wimel and @alex, I’m glad to think about me for this project but nowadays I’m studying and I want to focus my career by other way so I must to tell you that I won’t participate in the process. May be I will be interested in the future, but not right now, I’m so sorry. Have good luck. :slight_smile:

Well okay, I’m still here, if anyone else is encouraged, do not hesitate to contact me. :wink:

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This month we have Ethereum meetup in Seville, I will be in charge of organizing it, and of course I want to talk about Brave and his kindness, if anyone is encouraged to let me know :wink:

We are trying to bring together several creators of content from our land to promote Brave, at the moment we have achieved that muchodeporte join, and we will make a meeting with more creators of content, any contribution is welcome,
If you know someone interested or who may be interested you can send us a message.
We are the organizers of the meetup Ethereum sevilla.

thank you very much!!.