Space above the URL and some suggestions for awesomeness!


Hey there this is just a heads up for all you lovely people working at Brave. I love the browser but for some reason I would prefer a little bit more grab space above the URL bar. could you increase the number of pixels above the browser URL bar and just have a read mode for when people want this out of the way? I use a couple screens and am often moving between them, I don’t know if its just me but when grabbing the brave browser I just don’t feel like I have the space to grab, drag and drop to new places. Love the work you guys are doing. Thanks for the nice browser with added security.

Actually a lot of people use dual screens. Maybe have an adaptive browser mode which makes use of the extra screens and displays information in new intuitive ways to display back results to the user. It would be good for research for instance. One page opens in google scholar, the other opens a search bar with the users chosen engine and you can look up peer reviews and books at the same time and compare the information back.

You could even have your front end/back end guys work to code something that works together to provide compilations of information based on the users needs. As a student I’d love this. Type one thing and be given a ton of sources which makes essay writing a little more straight forward.


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This is a known issue and an issue is logged and can be tracked here

Hope that helps

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