SoundCloud play error on Android

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Description of the issue:

Embedded Soundcloud audio does not play and instead shows a square box with an unside down smile emoji.

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.으ㄴ-으ㄹ-ㄴ-것-같다-한-것-같다-할-것-같/. You probably need an account to reach this URL though.
2.Select play.

Expected result: Should play in the browser window. It works fine in Chrome.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.5.4

Mobile Device details Samsung S10+ Android V. 10

Additional Information: just released a new version and this feature broke. Should I be talking to them? I have tried shields up and down. What else can I try?

Sounds like a web compatibility issue for this specific site :slight_smile: Try turning off Shields and trying again.

Thank you for the suggestion. I tried that and got the same result.

Try disabling any active extensions you have running within Brave, that’s also a common culprit.

Also, sorry – I realized in your first post that you already mentioned disabling shields >_<

Can I use extensions on Android? I don’t believe I have any. (So happy someone is looking at this!)

I just tested this sample embedded soundcloud; tinyurl: ( )

Worked in Chrome and Brave (Android), Gave me an option to “Open in Soundcloud” which would ask to download an App. And listen in browser just played it okay.

That is the behavior I expect. And that is how it works in Chrome. Could this be an issue with Brave that the site developer has to address?

Okay, yeah I see the issue @waterwallah It’ll be fixed in Brave Beta. (you can test via the Android App store)

I just tested your link. It played in Brave browser… (Sorry. I should have tried that when you posted.)

So do you think it is an issue in Brave itself or on the third party’s web page?

Its specific to Brave Release, was fixed in Beta

Thank you for your help!

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