Soundcloud issue (desktop)



There is an issue on soundcloud on the browser where sometimes the play button grays out and I am unable to play any songs, even when I’m listening to a song, the bug can stop my music and grays out again. Sometimes I wait, then I am able to play songs again or I just refresh the page

I am able to reproduce this issue every time. Anyone else having this issue?


I already have faced this problem on sound cloud, so I moved to which is free music downloading website to listen and download mp3 music.


Why don’t you use free mp3 downloader? Before I listened mp3 songs on sound cloud, but now I am using mp3juices free songs download. Working well for me.


Thanks for this post…


Do you have Strict Site Isolation enabled in your preferences by any chance? If you do, try disabling it since it’s known to sometimes interfere with embedded media.


I don’t use soundcloud because I have faced many problems using this. I prefer youtubemp3 to listen offline songs.


I am having the exact same issue as OP. Site Isolation is not enabled. Also experiencing issue where home page does not load when opening brave, however new tabs load fine (apart from soundcloud)


Sound cloud is good for listening music. But sometimes You have to face the problems using this. I prefer free mp3 downloader to listen music for free. Try without any ads or software installation.