Sound not working in Hangouts


I connect with hangouts but I cannot hear the participants and others using Brave cannot hear me. Anyone solve this problem?


Hi @maltyone

Could you provide some additional information:

  1. Brave version.
  2. Your operating system version (Windows 7, OS X 10.11.6, Ubuntu 16.04 for example).
  3. The Shield settings you have for the particular site (click on the lion icon in the upper-right to find out).
  4. Step-by-step instructions on how to repeat your issue. Also, are you using video and audio or just audio?



Brave version: 0.17.13
OS: 10.12.5
Shield settings: Shields up, Block ads, Block 3d party ads, HTTPS everywhere, Block phishing/malware,

I call another hangout user, we can see each other on video but neither can hear the other. My mike tests out as working and it works in skype.


Hi @maltyone

Double check that Fingerprinting Protection is not enabled. Then, I would try with shields down, and see if that makes a difference. Then, start re-adding your shield settings to see if one of them is the culprit since I have not been able to reproduce.