Sound issues when listening to minimized youtube video

Ok unfortunately it doesn’t allow me to upload the recording.

You can upload the recording to a site like imgur and then link to it here. Would be helpful to see/hear what you’re hearing.

Also curious if you have another app you can use that plays audio in the background (Spotify, Audible, etc) that you can test to see if you get the same stuttering audio in other apps when they’re in the background?

@Mattches I’ve never used Imgur so that might be a tad difficult. I’ve tested this with mutliple apps and none of them do this, not even newpipe does this. Is there another way I can uplaod the file? Your site says I can’t uplaod it due to me being a new member…

Visit, click “new post”, upload your video, paste the URL here.

@Mattches This is a bit ridiculous…why can I not just share the file here? Or email it? Imgur isn’t working either and this issue is getting extremely annoying.

You should be able to share files here using the upload option. imgur shouldn’t be any problem either. However, the screen recording is not necessary. We are looking into this issue presently and hope to have more information soon. Thank you

I have the same problem after that I updated my S20 fe to android 13. When the brave is minimized or the phone is locked the audio starts to failing. Example:


Perfect example of what happens with my phone. Thank you for sharing.

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exactly the same problem here on my samsung s20 fe (sm-g780g/ds), it also started after android 13 upgrade.

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Mattches, help us please

Thank you for the recording — this definitely helps. Can you tell me how long you had to wait with the video playing in the background before the sound started to break up like that?

Still waiting for more info from our Android devs but hope to hear back soon (and have shared this new recording with them). The common thread I think I’m seeing here is that all affected devices are Samsung Galaxy phones running Android 13.

I would think that I would also be seeing this issue on my own Galaxy phone if that was the case though and I’m not.

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Same issue on my galaxy a51 using android13. Streaming music from

If the screen goes black or brave goes in the background, the sound stutters.

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Thanks, It doesnt have a specific time to happen, sometimes it works for minutes, sometimes for seconds. If I open the brave or unlock my phone, the sound back to work. It happens with any sound in background, ex youtube, twitch, etc.

I am experiencing the same or similar issue on Xiaomi MIUI 14

I’ve opened an issue for this here:

Android team is taking a look asap. Thank you all for your patience.

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Do you listen the audio via Bluetooth? Does it happen without Bluetooth devices? Does it happen when you listen audio on diff apps other than Brave?

Yes, I listen via bluetooth, I will do some tests without it. Other apps the sound works perfectly.

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the bug occurs even when there’s no bluetooth device connected and only in brave app.

I think after some updates the bug was solved, I haven’t saw this problem for a few days now.