Sound doesn’t work at all in ios 11.2.1


I have quite a few browsers. OTHER than the sound not working, brave blows them all away. Superb ergonomics.
But help!


Is there any specific site on which the audio doesn’t work on in general doesn’t work on Brave? Could you provide the app version that is running on your device



Brave on my W7 machine audio works fine (but yikes!
there’s still a lot of work to do to make it ready for prime time)

On the iphone 6s+ V11.2.1 (15C153) the browser V is: 1.5.2 (

Note EVERYTHING else is turned off; for Brave, Siri and search are OFF;
When I test the browaser I turn each one completely off before trying a different one.
I have Chrome, FF, FF Focus, Maxthon 5, and Webroot Secureweb.

So today the audio IS working in youtube, yesterday it wasn’t.
No changes from yesterday to today. Very mysterious…
I will keep checking.
PS - the rest of your iPhone ergonomics is WONDERFUL.

Thank you so much,
Kind Regards

Barry Ober
Owner & Senior Audio Engineer
Subwoofer evangelist


Sorry for the delayed response. I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue. You can observe for a while and see if you can reproduce the issue with clear steps that will help in investigating the issue and providing a fix. For now I will close the thread. Do open a new thread if you face any issue with the app.

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