Sort History By Total Time Tab Was Open For


Add the ability to sort history by the total amount of time a tab was open for. I often open a tab with the intention to read or review and leave he tab open for hours before I get to it. Sometimes something comes up (crash etc…) and I lose the tabs or I even lose interest and close. A week or two later I go back looking for the link for some reason. What I need to do is just see quickly those small # of tabs that where left opened for, usually, many hours. This would help me find the link more quickly.


History sorting is available for entries listed for a particular day and not the entire list. You can sort it based on visit time on that particular day. Not sure if the history can be listed for the time duration it was opened.

cc: @clifton


Currently, this is not possible… but this is an interesting request. In order to find that, we’d have to watch specific URLs. If Brave Payments is enabled, we do track locally (at a domain level) popular sites (so that we can calculate who gets what percentage)

I put in a feature request for this which can be found here: