Sort and create bookmarks


I am trying to create maps to my bookmarks and place them in alphabetic order on the right side in Brave but I dont find any helpdesk how to use, sort, move to and create new booksmarks. As far as I know if I press CTRL+B I open the bookmark list to the right in the pic.

We are currently reworking some of our HC documents to update them to reflect changes to the current UI, which is why you cannot find it.

That said, you can organize your bookmarks alphabetically by using the Organize button in the panel:


You can edit bookmarks from this panel by clicking the “pencil” icon in the same row:

Note that the bookmarks panel is simply an extension of/different way to display the main bookmarks manager page located in Settings --> Bookmarks:

:point_up: On this page, you can edit, reorganize, add, delete, copy/paste, etc. for all your bookmarks.

Lastly, the easiest way to add a bookmark to your bookmarks list without having to open the panel or the manager is to use the icon next to the address bar:


Hope this helps!

Thanks for helping me.

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