Sometimes Brave inserts their own image when I have chosen to use my own

**Description of the issue: I have uploaded several background images into the “Use Your Own” category for Brave to use when opening a tab, and have selected the “Use Your Own” category. Most of the time the function works just fine. Brave will cycle through the images I have uploaded when I open new tabs.

Unfortunately, Brave will revert back to including its own library of images once in awhile, then on the next tab I open Brave will revert back to my uploaded images. My images are still selected in the Customize Background window, but as I said, every 3 or 4 tab openings Brave slips in one of its own. I want my images to show all the time as selected.

**How can this issue be reproduced? Open a tab and see what images show up. Every 3 to 4 tabs that are opened will show a Brave supplied image instead of one of the ones I uploaded. Usually one of the silly cartoon images.

Expected result:
Only show the images in the “Use Your Own” category all the time as expected.

**Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.52.126

Additional Information:

Do you have Sponsored Images disabled? I’m assuming you’re seeing the occasional NTP ad because you have it turned on.

Thank you. That seems to have done it.

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