Something was wrong with the Publisher payouts of May

Dear sir @Asad, @eljuno

I am a publisher of your referral program.
I don’t know why your system was broken for last few days ago and I am very sorry for that situation. I thank you for your hard work fixing these system errors.
But after that, I realised that It’s seem that your system is not working correctly. Few days ago, my account balance displayed that I have XXXX BAT, that’s my effort of previous month to promote your product to potential users and it displayed that it was in progress to deposit to my Uphold account, but for now, I don’t see it anywhere, and I still have not received any payment for that. My balance is not changed and deposit to my Uphold account. I had to wait it for 30 days, and spent a pretty much money to advert. I cannot wait for more 30 days. I see many people out there are faced same problem.
I have sent you a private message about my account, please check it, and send the payment if my said is right.

Thank you for your helping.

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dont spam too much !

I contacted them, but they don’t reply or even seen. You received your fund, and you don’t care others’s problems, you are so selfish!

they not working 24/7 . spam won’t help you

I had the same problem. Please tell us the reason

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same problem :frowning:


Mr @Mattches, can you support my problem? No moder reply my post :frowning:

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You very likely fall under the circumstances described here:

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Hi Sir, I have the same problem, my payment in May was not made, I think this is a cause of this situation. Therefore, I look forward to receiving support for my payment this May to continue my work as a publisher !