Something Very Alarming Happened - Need Help!


A picture is worth a thousand words. Can anyone help me with this? This “warning” appeared as I was browsing with Brave. I could not get away from it. Could not close out of Brave. So I closed Brave via Task Manager. What on earth is this?


I think maybe a site you were browsing had that pop up. Any chance you remember which website you were browsing when that alert showed up?


It was, a very innocent group of people who discuss violins. I swear! I wasn’t hanging on the dark web doing nasty stuff. I was gathering info about selling my old violin. (Interested?:wink:)

I thought Brave protected you against these things.

Should I contact the admins of


@DianaMoon the webpage you were visiting is (intentionally or not) what presented you with the message box. Brave is just showing it because the web page told it to.

Unfortunately, it’s fairly common for people to try and sneak message boxes and other malicious code into advertisements to try and scare / extort money from people. When advertisements are shown, they are not only an image: they usually have JavaScript accompanying it. The issue where it keeps popping back up though is a problem. We don’t currently have a fix for this, but we are tracking it here:

I’m curious: when you visit, what do your shields look like? We should be blocking ads… but if you have that disabled, that would explain how this one got through. You can click the Lion icon in the top right of your browser and it should look something like this:


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