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I am wondering if it is possible for a feature to be developed in Brave that will stop the presumption of all videos sources! Even with all security up in Brave, videos will play without permission and waste my bandwidth. This also give me future security concerns.



Hi @Theliefie1,

Did you mean feature to prevent media from autoplay? Brave already have this.

Go to Preferences > Security > Autoplay Media > Set to Always ask.

It’ll ask you permission (notification at top of browser) if site have autoplay media.


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Media still plays without permission. Twitter gives no **cks.

Thanks anyway.


Please check Preferences > Security > Saved Site Permissions > Autoplay Media.
There’s some site that allowed by default to autoplay (e.g. YouTube). Click X button next to the URL to remove it.

And for Twitter, there’s a Twitter setting to disable video autoplay.
Go to and un-check Video Autoplay.

Hope that can help,

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