Some websites very slow in Brave that work well in Chrome and Firefox

Dear community,

Maybe one of you experts can help me…

I am making this wordpress site:
It is extremely slow in Brave. Takes over 10 seconds to load. But it works normally in Chrome and Firefox, loads immediately in those browsers.

Do you see the same behavior or is it just me?
If you do, does any of you have an idea what the problem is? I would really appreciate your help!

Even more odd is that I have another site that works great in Brave from which I copied more or less all settings. Same theme, same plugins… just stripped down for the SLOW site. But in general it’s a copy of the working site.

Please let me know if you have an idea. Or if you need additional info.

Thank you so much!

Loaded into clean profile, seems fine here. Loads no quicker or slower than Chrome (in the margin of error +/- 2sec)

Used a Non-vpn to test, (press F12, Performace Tab and the reload icon there) Chrome 6.3sec, Brave 5.8sec.

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Thank you so much! This is very interesting. And good to know that it works for other people. It’s made for them! :wink:

Do you have any idea what I could try to find out what the problem is for me? Opening it in a private window does not improve things. I have a feeling that “clean profile” might be the key term in your answer. Any suggestions?

Thank you again for your reply! I really really apprecaite it!

Can check later, If you have access to a VPN I would check load times via different VPN locations (different US locations maybe)


I installed a free VPN service (Tunnelbear) to check what you suggested. I chose the suggested location and there was no big difference. Then I chose a server in japan and… it was quite a bit faster. Chose a server in Austria (where I am located) and it was super fast. Turned off the VPN and it still was fast. Emptied the cache… still fast. Closed Brave and reopened it to make sure that everything is as clean as it usually is when I turn on my computer… and still fast. With and without VPN.

I do not know what this means. I still feel that it will be back to slow when I shut down and reboot the PC though.

Will let you know.

Thanks a lot for now!

Sounds like a serverside issue tbh, its hard to say. it loaded around the same speed in both Chrome and Brave. I’ll do some more testing tonight.

Thank you so much! This is very nice of you.

It actually was back to slow when I tried it again a few hours later.

When it was loaded once it opens quickly the next time. This is because it is being read from the cache, right? So after clearing the cache it should be slow again? Do I misunderstand this? Or is this correct? Because clearing the cache does not change the fact that the site loads normally once it was already opened.

Here more info that might be of interest… that other site that I mentioned from which I copied all the settings and stuff is It is hosted by the same provider. The only differences between the two sites is that the slow site has less plug\ins and is smaller in general and it uses a subdomain of the domain that the both share.

Thank you!

Try adding ||$stylesheet, into brave://adblock see if that helps.

then refresh the page. Not a Brave a specific issue, but the site is loading many fonts (14 different files)


This doesn’t really change anything.

But it is still interesting. I use one custom font. Maybe this is the problem? What do you do to see that 14 fonts are being loaded? This can be helpful…

When I tried your suggestion I realized that the site loads quickly when it was loaded before (when I refresh the site or reopen it shortly after it was open) but it is back to slow if a few minutes pass between I close it and reopen it.


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