Some Tips to improve Brave Engine:-

Yo! Hello Team Brave
I recently started using Brave Search Engine. And I am kinda satisfied with Brave engine look.

But It will be best to learn more from other browser. I am sure you guys use Google, Bing etc engine, so here are the things you should improve in Brave engine:-

  1. People look for easiest way to find there answer in a search engine try to add this kind of function in which when a user type something he got his answer.

  2. Try to add A custom Background Option in Brave Engine.

  3. Some More Features

  1. Try to find out More :grin:
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I’m also new to Brave.

Great suggestions, A microphone in the search bar PLEASE.


That defeats the purpose of Brave Search. It’s meant for privacy. Giving audio transcriptions to Brave isn’t very private.

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just nah, you could just don’t store the recording, or ask for permissions.

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