Some suggestions for keyboard shortcuts


I’d like to see Apple1/2 for last/next Tab as in Opera and also the pin/unpin function. Using menu on tabs is quite awkward especially with many tabs opened, there isn’t enough space.


I would like to be able to slide a tab to the left most position and then slide it more to the left to pin it :hugs:


But unable to slide it back to unpin? And when no unpinned tab is open but only pinned ones and you press “Apple-W”, the whole window closes even though closing window is “Apple-Shift-W” and “Apple-T” has to bring you back the pinned tabs which have to reload? Couldn’t find the face palm emoji here…


I hit the alt key to invoke a menu, but I have to go to the mouse to use that menu. Then, hovering over the menu items does not show the drop-menus. I have to click an item before hovering is activated. Can I set it to open the menu when clicking or holding alt? Also, can I set it to indicate the key to use with alt by underlining that key in the menu item? (e.g. Underline “E” in Edit maybe) Then again, please activate the menu so that alt-e invokes the “Edit” command without the mouse.


Similar to the request above. I am a big user of the short-cuts when doing left clicks in the body. They are completely missing in Brave. I can’t put a screenshot because the window will disappear when I put print screen but basically says the following:

Save page as… [Underlined “S”]
Select All … [Underlined “A”]

Or when left clicking in a link, in Mozilla says:
Open Link in New Tab… [Underlined “T”]
Open Link in New Window [Underlined “W”]

which are really useful and missing as well.
Thanks for considering adding this feature in future versions. Regards


I’d really, really love to see the emoji keyboard working (Ctrl + command + space) - probably one of my most-used shortcuts :slight_smile:

There was a thread over at Two important keyboard shortcuts aren’t working, but i’s been auto-closed…


One of my main frustrations with Brave is not being able to use the emoji keyboard shortcut.