Some suggestion and the page not block ads well


The two pages (open by mobile):
Brave can block some ads, but the black “sponsors link” area below not be blocked.

This page (open by PC):

Brave can’t block the right side ads.

I also try to use another adblock browser.
They use data saver, so the speed is better than Brave and the data become smaller, hope you can use it, too.


Since there are webpages from Japan and Taiwan, it may be that you do not have the block lists for these regions enabled. On desktop (PC), go to about:adblock check if the ad-block filtering lists for those region(s) are enabled.


How can I do if I use mobile version?


About the ad-block filtering lists, I want to suggest if you can put an opinion in setting.
If I don’t know how to set the lists, I can’t find it.
And I tried to open the 3 list of CHN, but the ads still don’t be blocked in this site.


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