Some sites don't show up in payments


Some sites that I visit a lot and want to fund don’t show up in payments, and I see no way to add them. How so I assure that I’m funding the stuff i care about?


@curomo would you give me a few examples (feel free to DM if they are of a sensitive nature).

We do have an exclusion list for sites which are categorized as non-publishers (online banks for example).


OK - I tuned my advanced settings and I see some more stuff, but not a lot that matches what I think I do. For instance, the link aggregator sites that I use all day everyday do not show up, but (which I cannot remember using with brave) is apparently my #1 most visited site.


The ledger will display sites based on not only the frequency in which you visit a domain but also how long you stay on the domain.

Perhaps is really (yourcompanyname) ?


I’m sure that is the the company site, it’s just that I normally only use it from FF or IE, so I. is the aggregator that doesn’t show up at all. I’m surprise the Breitbart only shows one hit since I’m on there 2-3 times a week.

In related news, once I understand how to fix this, I’ll be interested in payments for the mobile app too.


Mobile payments is tbd :slight_smile:


I’ve got the same problem.

Two sites I know are not appearing are and

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