Some saved passwords are blocked from access by Extensions (Webtorrent, Hangouts)

Description of the issue:

On the passwords option (upper right corner of browser). I have over 25 passwords saved. (settings/passwords)

after about the 7th password the Extension overlays the passwords and the two (2) passwords just above the “WebTorrent” are not accessable. Clicking on them does nothing (all others are just fine). This needs to be correct in order for me to still use it or I will just go back to using Lastpass. I actually like how the passwords work in Brave but if I can’t change some of the passwords it’s useless to me

OS is Windows 10 Pro
Brave is up to date
Version 0.64.77 Chromium: 74.0.3729.169 (Official Build) (64-bit)

@mklipich you may want to search for existing thread first. :grinning: See Visual bug in font settings .

The issue will be fixed with 0.65.x release.

Hi thanks so much. I did try to search before posting but was unable to find any thing.

@mklipich np. :grinning: FYI, 0.65.x just released. You may want to update your Brave. Release Channel update v0.65.118 is live!