Some questions regarding the autocontribute feature

Hello! Yesterday I discovered this browser and I like how it works on my system.
As I was curious, I enabled the Rewards feature by pressing “Yes I’m in” button. As Ads are not available in my region, both the rewards and the autocontribute are off. However, The following message occurs:
“An automatic way to support publishers and content creators. Set a monthly payment and browse normally. The sites you visit receive your contributions automatically, based on your attention as measured by Brave.
Monthly Payment
20.0BAT4.66 USD
Next contribution date
Furthermore, a table with supported sites is displayed.
Yesterday the amount was higher than 5 dollars.
Here are the questions:

  1. As I have 0 BAT in my wallet, how do you charge me? No card is requested, so users can’t be charged somehow, however the contribution date and the amount are displayed. Adding funds is optional as I noticed.
  2. How did the amount in dollars get decreased?
  3. Is there a way to disable this feature completely?
    Kind regards!

If you have 0 BAT on your brave://rewards wallet and have auto-contribution enabled, Brave will show you “insufficient balance” notification on contribution date.

When you add funds to your wallet, then Brave will try to process the contribution.

It’s depends on BAT price.

To disable Rewards or just auto-contribution?
Both, you just need to flip the switch.

Hey El_Juno, thank you for the support!

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