Some problems that you should fix in Brave

I need to say this first, I am a big fan of Brave, I changed all my primary browsers on desktop and mobile to Brave browser.

But there are some issues which you should fix.

1. I can’t play videos on
Well, I googled about this one and there is no right solution for this, some people fixed this by changing their udemy accounts, but I can’t do it because I have a lot of courses which I bought.
It would be great if you do something about this.

2. Ads not showing in Brave desktop
I fixed this with help from other members on this forum, but I think you should do something at least to make it work without doing anything in windows settings by users. Or at least share some tutorials before activating Ads on brave on desktop.

3. Paying with a credit card not possible with 2FA
Well, yesterday I tried to pay something with credit card after I got redirected to 2FA page where I should put SMS code my page freeze, I mean Brave blocked box with input in webpage like a Ads

Maybe I missed something but for now that’s it