SOME of my settings disappeared for no known reason

Windows 8.1
Brave 1.34.80

Today I rebooted my lappy and restarted Brave and some of my settings are gone. I did NOT reset to factory or any such thing. But even if I had, resetting isn’t supposed to affect saved passwords - but among other things my saved passwords are gone, or are not being read. I routinely save my passwords in a 2nd place, but a few slipped thru the cracks, including the pw for this site: I had to reset it just to login here to post about this.

MORE THINGS GONE: my Shield settings from the last 12-18 months, my sync settings, my browser history, main window size/position, and at least some of my appearance settings (it had reverted to Light Mode.)

My PWs and Shields are important and I need them back. As to the rest, I either don’t care or can recreate. But other users might face this and not have their bookmarks or passwords saved in additional places.

REMAINING: my Bookmarks, my setting to reopen current tabs on relaunch.

I don’t know if Rewards was affected, as I don’t use that stuff anyway.

I also don’t know how to recreate this. I did nothing to Brave or Losedows 8.1 that reasonably would have caused this. I checked System Restore for an update to either one that I could roll back, but no updates showed there (an update should auto-generate a Restore Point).

I did run Chrome yesterday concurrently with Brave, because Lyft’s enter-the-code-we-sent-you screen just freezes itself in Brave, but works fine in Chrome. I’ve run them concurrently before then without any problems.

Thanks for whatever any of you can tell me.

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These type of issues are often hard to track down and seems the cause (if found) often seems to be different user to user.

Just to check the obvious, can you go to Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data and confirm that you don’t have anything set to be cleared “on exit”?

Thanks for quick response. The only ones set to auto-delete on exit are cookies, cached images, and hosted app data. I always exit-delete cookies and cached images, so I’m confident that those settings didn’t get lost with the others. The hosted app data may or may be a normal setting for me - I don’t remember. But I do know that I didn’t change any of these for a long time. Months.

I realize it’s likely not reliably reproducible. Is there any chance my original files that stored the PWs and Shield settings are still around somewhere, or have they been overwritten with the new blank ones?

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