Some of my earnings have been deleted

Yesterday I took a screenshot of my earnings while recommending the brave browser to my friend. After I came home from work today, I opened a browser, I was browsing again, and when I opened a new tab, I realized that some of my earnings were deleted.

i am using windows 10
brave ver: 1.33.106 Chromium: 96.0.4664.110 (Resmi Derleme) (64 bit) Sürümü
My browser wallet is verified




Same here. My Brave rewards for last month completely disappeared. I checked my Gemini account as well but no sign of it.

The deleted amount appeared on my brave account again the next day. But today it was deleted again about 0.100 BAT.

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All of my earnings have disappeared…

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Same…a large amount as well (>200). As common as this seems to be, it appears deliberate. Lower the total pool, increase the base “value”.

Uphold was supposed to be the custodial holder. After verification, it was gone. “It’s Brave’s fault” says Uphold. “It’s Uphold’s fault” says Brave. Both giggling their way to the bank…

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