Some of my BAT are missing after verifying via uphold


I’ve issued a ticket but after a week of no response I’ve decided to write here:
The issue is that I’m missing some BAT after verifying my account via Uphold. I’ve registered there about two weeks ago, got verified, and here’s what has happened after that:

  • immediately after connecting my account to the browser, I got transferred EXACTLY half of my rewards, in 17 back-to-back payments,
  • about 4-5 days later I’ve received another 3 payments with some BAT but it’s still not all of what I was supposed to receive,
  • since then, nothing happened.

I’ve counted that I’ve received 20 out of 24 payments, since this is the amount of months that I was participating in the program. The payments not received were also the biggest ones in comparison to the rest - I’m still missing roughly 30% of what the browser was showing before connecting with Uphold (I’ve checked that difference via rewards settings as well as on brave://rewards-internals/ promo tab)

Is it possible that those missing tokens are still being processed? If that’s the case, then what happens if they won’t be transferred to my account before November? (where vBATs are supposed to go away) Are they lost permanently or can they be registered in November, too?
If it’s not about processing the payment, then what is the case and what should I do?

My browser version is: 1.47.186 and OS is Win 7 x64. Please note that I’m aware that it’s not the latest version, as it’s an old machine, and upgrading to Win10/11 is NOT an option! (but since I got some of the past payments, then I assume that’s not the case) Also, the problem does not concern not getting new rewards - it’s about rewards that I’ve already earned before win7 support was discontinued.

Thank you in advance!

Hey! Just sent you a DM for follow up. Thanks!

I just want to say that today everything was resolved and I got my missing tokens.
Thanks for help to Evan123

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