Some kind of AI to track and sort Tracking and Cookie options from Sites Autonomously

I found myself doing something rather whilst on a website, which was manually toggling off the acceptance of all the tracking features from which is horrendous!

Ebay allows you to toggle what they present to you but they sneakily fail to allow a user to easily Toggle ‘No’ for the rest of the ones they have right at the bottom or hidden within arrows which aren’t open. Suffice to say it took around ten minutes (literally!) to toggle off each one manually.

Anyway, I only began to realise that it doesn’t technically matter if you allow all their default tracking option even if they’re not visible because Brave’s engine blocks all of them, right?

So I was wondering, wouldn’t it beneficial for the software itself its if the browser deployed some kind of AI tech to master this more efficiently but also allow the browser to learn of new developments by either learning to toggle every single option, even those that are hidden within the arrow feature to load sites more quicker next time (after a system/browser clearing of data) because Brave won’t have much to block but also so Brave users’ don’t have to continuously be prompted with the notifications about cookies which is such as hassle right now, especially for users that continuously ‘Clear All Data’ after every browse or on the whim.

This is sort of similar to the Muon topic I created which got a lot views but seems more adequate for Brave-Core.